Wedding Tips & Planning

Following are a few tips I have gathered over the years. I hope this will better help you get what you want out of your wedding. Little things can often have a big impact on how your day feels and flows.

Keep these things in mind as you plan for your big day.




Pre-Wedding Attire

When it comes to your pre-wedding attire, remember not only to wear something that won’t ruin your hair but aim for something that suits you. 

Hair & Makeup

Do your Hair & Make-up trial first thing in the morning and notice how it wears throughout the day. Makeup sometimes appears much less dramatic on camera than it does with the naked eye. It can also appear shiny in a photograph if it’s not a matte product. Some love it, some hate it. Just make sure to find out before your big day. If you wear makeup on a daily basis and are more comfortable with your appearance this way, make sure you have your makeup applied before your hair is done. That way the photos of your hair being done transition well into your wedding day. 


Empty Wedding Venue

If you want your wedding venue photographed when it’s empty, it takes time and planning. You will need to schedule a time for the venue to be photographed after the venue is completely set up but before the guests begin to arrive. This is a lot easier to accommodate if your prep location is close to your wedding venue.

Bride Details

I generally start shooting details when hair and makeup is being done. However, if you choose to have your hair and makeup done in a salon there isn’t always a suitable location to shoot details. You may have to allow time at your wedding venue or hotel to get those shots. If this is the case, make sure that time is allowed in your schedule.



Make sure I know (and one of your bridesmaids know) what details you want captured and where they are. I recommend having a box where all the small things you want photographed can be kept and have them ready for me when I arrive. This will give me more time to focus on you and your day without having to track down your dress, shoes, rings, and other sentimental items. 




Hide What's Undesirable

Details can be a great way to hide what’s undesirable about your venue. Whether it’s an ugly bathroom sign, or a chip in the wall, use details to hide or distract the eye from them.

Men Need Details Too

Give the groom details. Details make a groom look styled (which can give a much more editorial feel to photos). These details can be incorporated in gift giving (cufflinks, watches, etc.) or showcasing heirlooms.

Shot List

Providing me with a detailed shot list of family and bridal party photos will help make the most of the time you have allotted for them to be taken. 

Vendor Communication

If you have a wedding planner make sure you facilitate good communication between the wedding planner and the photographer. Let the planner know how important the photos are to you, and also let him/her know that you want the photographers recommendations to be accommodated as much as possible. 

Family Photos

Have someone who can round up the people you need from each side of the family. Keep in mind I don’t know your family so it’s hard for me to track down people missing from a photo. Also, both sides of the family may not know each other. Having someone to gather people from each side is a time saver and a sure way to know that you will get everyone in the photo that needs to be there.

Portrait Timing

Keep in mind the number of locations you’ve chosen for your portraits on your wedding day. If you’ve chosen more than one, I recommend having over an hour allotted for portraits. Family/wedding party/bride & groom photos generally take around 20-60 minutes depending on how many groupings you need.  Make sure you let me know what you want ahead of time so I can help you based on your needs. 


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