Travis & Caprice Tied the Knot! Lu Mill Vineyard, Elizabethtown NC

Updated: Jul 1

"Travis and I first met during our high school years in 2008; he was a senior, and I was a junior. We attended rival high schools but met by being a part of the bowling team at our schools. We flirted, we dated (if that's what you call it in high school), but most importantly we became great friends. After high school, Travis and I kept in contact with each other off and on through the years.

Fast forward 10 YEARS, Travis reached out to me via text to check on my family and I as Hurricane Florence was preparing to make landfall near our hometown. Everyone was on edge as this was happening just 2 years after Hurricane Matthew destroyed the lives of so many in the county where we both grew up. I responded to his text to let him know how my family and I were doing, but the conversation did not stop there. As a matter of fact we haven't stopped talking to each other since that day. We very quickly fell in love and both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together; if only it didn't take 10 years to figure it out." Caprice