The Redefined Courage Gala 2019

You want to talk about a humbling experience? The love, dedication and team effort put into creating the amazing event is just so inspiring! I asked Nikki to tell us how she feels about the Gala. This is what she said:

"Putting into words how Gerrod and I feel about the Gala is actually really difficult. So, so many emotions, but the one thing that is bigger than the rest is GRATITUDE. Gratitude for being one step closer to our goal of #hope4everywoman.

A very large goal and all of you that attended, purchased tickets, joined the fashion show, won a silent auction item, hugged our neck, volunteered and encouraged us to keep going, You are making this goal  more and more possible! 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts from not just us but from the woman who will receive “HOPE” because of you!"

If you would like more information on the 2020 Gala, you can sign up here

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