Prenatal Henna Portraits

Updated: Feb 9

"Henna designs were also painted on pregnant women who, as tradition, would enjoy a few weeks off from housework duties in preparation for birth as well as to protect their body art. Today, some of the same traditions live on, and the beautiful designs vary depending on the culture." Read more here...

Are you looking for a fun and relaxing way to celebrate your pregnancy?

DVOC Photography is excited to collaborate with Skin Wars artist, Tiffany Beckler, to offer you these special Prenatal Henna Sessions.

The Stain -

Fresh stain is orange and takes 2-3 days to develop into a deep burgundy-brown stain.

• Lasts about 1-3 weeks with proper aftercare.

• The longer the paste is left on the skin, the darker it will be.

• Color varies between individuals body chemistry, temperature, and pH levels.

• Will fade naturally as skin is rejuvenating, so keep skin hydrated with any natural oils.

• Henna is a natural plant, so it's extremely rare to have an allergic reaction to it.

Before Care -

Remove hair from desired area for seamless application.

• Make sure skin is clean and free from oils and lotions.

• Gently exfoliate area to remove dead skin cells.

• Dress accordingly because the design will be wet when you leave.

After Care -

Dry time depends on size, and will take 15-45 minutes.

• The longer you keep the henna paste on, the darker the stain will be.

• Keep paste on at least 8-12 hours for a good stain, but 12+ hours is highly recommended.

• DO NOT REMOVE WITH WATER!!! Avoid getting stain wet 12-24hrs after removal, or it will prevent stain from oxidizing and maturing.

• Scrape off dried paste or use coconut/ olive oil to remove any remaining bits on the skin.

• Henna reacts well to heat so stay warm, it will help the stain darken.

• AVOID: Hand sanitizer, hot tubs, exfoliating area, soap, detergent... anything that dries skin out.

Your Session -

• Each session is 45 minutes which includes your henna design and photography.

• You will receive an online proofing appointment to choose your favorite 10 portraits.

• Portraits are delivered in a digital download gallery with print release.

• Session fee is due at the time of booking $350.

• Session date is January 24, 2021

• Contact Tamisha at 919.866.9302 to secure your spot.

Session Times -

• 11:00am

• 11:45am

• 12:30pm

• 1:15pm

• 2:00pm - BOOKED

• 3:00pm

• 3:45pm

Safety -

Proper sanitizing and safety precautions will be followed. Brushes and supplies are cleaned per client.