Maternity Henna Belly Blessingway

A Blessingway is a celebration of life and love, pregnancy and motherhood, in a tranquil, sacred, and love-filled atmosphere. It has evolved from a traditional Native American ceremony concerned with healing, creation, harmony and peace, in appreciation for and in honor of the mother-to-be. The purpose of the Blessingway is to nourish, nurture, support

and encourage the mother while affirming that she will have a beautiful birth experience.

Laying of hands

Tiffany begins the Henna design.

"When you become a mother you transform into the goddess you were meant to be. With each new life you create, your beauty magnifies, your aura glows, and your heart swells along with your womb. Michelle is radiant in this precious phase, the pure embodiment of Mother Earth."

Smudging is a ceremony that involves the burning of sacred herbs, in some cases for spiritual cleansing or blessing.

"I have had the blessing of watching Michelle bloom into the beautiful, courageous, insightful woman she is. She exudes strength integrated with the vast love a mother heart holds. Michelle is a goddess who shines bright with light, wisdom and resiliency. I am forever grateful to share this journey with her and her children. We love you to the moon and back times infinity!"

Each friend gifted a special, symbolic bead

"Becoming a mother whether it’s your first or you 6th is magical. Having a new life form and grow within cannot be explained simply. A blessingway welcomes the new life and celebrates the woman creating it. Michelle is and will be a bad ass mama bear to her boys and I cannot wait to see where this new journey takes her"