Little Artist Sessions!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Oh my gosh!!! Aren't these the cutest little artists???

Whether your little artist loves to get messy, or keep it neat; Finger Painting has never been more sweet! Not only will you walk away with unique photos to cherish, but you will be bringing home a one-of-a kind 11x14 artwork, created by those tiny hands you love so much!

After doing a bit of research about finger painting and want to share it here (quoting from an article I found online at Tactile sense (touch) directly affects the development of the human nervous system, particularly the brain.

Drawing is a huge experience in color perception, fine tactile sense and true pleasure.

Facts about Finger-painting:

  • All senses are involved: touching, seeing, smelling, hearing and tasting! (of course we used non-toxic, washable paint)

  • Improves fine motor skills and strengthens the finger and hand muscles

  • Sitting on the floor with paper improves balance and large muscle control

  • Develops hand-eye coordination

  • Stimulates creativity and imagination

  • Finger painting is therapeutic since children are able to express their feelings visually, without words

  • Babies as young as five months can start finger-painting!