Life Works in Wonders - Myrtle Beach Wedding - Marriott Grand Dunes

"Life works in wonders. My husband and I grew up knowing mutual friends in rural Virginia and we hung out together at times. Years later I am divorced and living in a small town in NC. Friends encouraged me to join a Facebook dating group for my area. I saw this guy's picture and post, he said hey all I am new to the group and I live in .... I am thinking he looks cute and I live in the same town so I am going to post a comment!!. I thought, why not say, welcome to the group and I also live in the same town! Here to find out, we both were divorced and living in the same small town in NC! I didn't remember him with his picture but he remembered me!!! We hit it off perfectly! We have so much fun together. We are truly best friends and lovers. I am so grateful! His best friend, a mutual friend, married us! All our mutual friends came to our wedding. It was beautiful!"