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Dan and I went to high school together, I always had a crush on him, but it wasn't until after college that we started dating. In high school we never really spoke but being that our parents houses are around the block from each other we used to always wave to each other.

The difference this time was that he reached out to me via Facebook and we started talking. After a couple of weeks we went on our first date to the movies and saw the First Song. Dan and I started dating in March of 2010, he proposed in May of 2011 and we were married in September of 2012. In August of 2015, we welcomed our first baby boy, Elias.

We made a hard decision and moved to North Carolina shortly after Elias was born. After three years we decided it was time to make Elias a Big Brother!

I have learned that every pregnancy is different and no matter how sick I am feeling, I have got to keep going because I have a sweet three year old that needs his mommy, no matter what!

We are so excited to expand our family and welcome another sweet baby boy into our lives!