God's Unrelenting Love

To tell the story of Myleigh Denae is to tell of God's unrelenting love. My husband and I have wanted a third child for years but the timing was never right.

See, we had our first son at 16 and that was tough. Then six years later we had our second son. When our youngest son was born, I had just started teaching and we were in the middle of building our home when the state placed a freeze on the teacher pay scale and my husband lost his job.

It was then that we decided we would not bring another child into this world until we knew we could provide and not have to struggle to do so. Years passed and things slowly began to get better for husband went to work with a great company and received several promotions and the state finally began to give teachers raises.

So, in 2018 the idea of having a third child became a topic of conversation again. I began to pray to God about this and my prayer was for His will to be done.

In the spring of 2018, I was getting ready for work when God showed me a vision of this beautiful baby...pretty brown skin and black hair. I knew in that moment that God was answering my prayers for a child. We started trying in August and by October we were pregnant!

During the first four months of my pregnancy, I would thank God for the testimony He was going to give me...see I was praying for a daughter... I would thank Him for her when I was driving, sitting on the couch, saying my prayers at night, etc. I would speak of how His word says He will give us our hearts desires if we just have faith and my heart desired a daughter.

God heard my prayer and it was around 21 weeks that we found out we were having a girl! I felt God's presence during my entire pregnancy with Myleigh and I'm so glad we trusted in His timing rather than our own.

A lot of people don't understand why we wanted to start over again as our boys are now 19 and 13 years old.

But that's okay because the joy this little girl has already given us is unexplainable! To God be the glory!