Fun in the River

Growing up in Florida meant lots of time at the beach, the springs or the river and some of my best memories come from spending time on the water. Time just seems to slow down enough to really take in the surroundings and simply "be".

River sessions have been in my book of photography ideas for the longest time. I was out and about with shoots and stopped by the river to check out the fly fishermen. I was blown away by the beauty and how low the water levels were...I just sat there on a huge river rock and enjoyed peace for 15 minutes before heading home. It was then that I knew we just had to get in the river for some amazing photos! Thanks to Alex and Lauren(her photos can't be posted yet but they are so stinking adorable!!) for always being down for a quick session on short notice! These are better than I could have imagined!!!!

If you are interested in scheduling a River Session, we'll be offering them - weather permitting. Give me a call or send me a message for more details! 9198669302