Elijah and Felicia Jackson’s Love Story:

The Jackson’s journey began in the fall of 2013, at work.

Having noticed by way of her license plate, that Felicia was a member of his sister sorority, Elijah seized the opportunity to introduce himself! She would tell you that Elijah low key scared her by the way he over-zealously introduced himself lol.

Felicia ended up joining the team that Elijah was on, and it was then that they began to get even more familiar with one another. Elijah joined the NC Army National Guard, and left for military training in November 2013.

During this time there wasn’t any communication between the two.

It wasn’t until his return in the spring of 2014, that Felicia and Elijah’s communication would pick back up with regularity. Over the course of year their friendship would grow stronger, until they made the decision to make the relationship official in June of 2015. Flash forward four years later, and Elijah and Felicia couldn’t be more happy, as newlyweds!