Chad & Carie's Wedding at The Angus Barn, Raleigh NC

Our love story started the way most do these days, with a dating app. Carie and I were both using the Bumble app with little success, until the day we matched.

The way the app works is when you match, the girl has to send the first message. Thank goodness Carie did!

We began texting through the app, but unfortunately the timing wasn’t the best because I was going on a cruise and would not have cell service.

Before I left, we decided we would go on our first date when I got back.

Fast forward a week, I get back from vacation, reach out to her, but don’t hear back. I waited a few days and then messaged “still there?” After what seemed forever, Carie finally responded.

In the midst of planning our first date, she wanted to confirm I would be okay with something. Carie had put two and two together from my pictures on Bumble that I was an Ohio State fan. She messaged, “Just felt I need you to know that my family and I are Penn State fans.”