Barry & Debbie's Wedding!

"Barry and I met on and went on our first date February 13, 2016. We met for lunch and before I knew it 3 hours had gone by! He insisted on taking me out the next night for dinner since it was Valentine's Day. I didn't think he could get a reservation the day of Valentine's Day but he did! He also took me to see a chick flick so he got double points for that! Not long after we met I left for a vacation to Mexico. My flight was early in the morning and I told him I would probably take a cab to the airport but he stepped up and said no way I was taking a cab, he would take me at 5:00AM...ok another point for Barry! Sometimes he is a man of few words but he is a man of many surprises.

As everyone knows Barry is a HUGE sports fan and I am NOT. I have never watched, certainly never played, never even owned a sports t-shirt. I never knew there was ALWAYS a game on any time of the day. We have managed to get through two football season...all because I have my own TV and recliner upstairs...thank goodness.

Despite his love for sports, we do have a lot in common. We enjoy cooking, going to the movies, gardening, bowling, watching TV and taking our dog Lexi for walks in all of the different parks and gardens we have in Raleigh. We love to spend long weekends in the NC mountains and at the Outerbanks. We enjoy spending time with his kids (Matt and Kaitlin) and Matt's girlfriend Courtney. We enjoyed our 2nd family vacation to the NC mountains this summer and created more fun memories. I have also loved getting to know his family. We have traveled to Maryland to his sister Sharon's wedding have traveled to Florida and spent time with Linda (my 2nd mom), Henry and Beverly. I love the fact that Anne is still part of the family and I have enjoyed getting to know her as well.

Seeing that Barry has two kids, I am embarking on a new role as a stepmother. I don't have kids of my own so this is a whole new world. I figure I will leave the parenting to Barry since he has way more experience than I do. I'll be their friend and just agree with everything they want.

My family have embraced Barry as well. My mom and dad would have loved him. Especially my mom. My mom would be so tickled that I am getting married! My brother Derrick has the love of sports in common with Barry so when Derrick comes over I am the third wheel. My older brother, Lee, will be giving me away in place of my dad and I think he is proud to step into this important role." ~Debbie