Aiyana & Scott | Summerfield Farms | North Carolina

"Scott and I went to different high schools across town and never knew each other. We had similar friend groups but not each other. Both of us went to colleges in Virginia about an hour and some change apart. I went to Ferrum College, and he had gone to Liberty University, little did we know I passed his house for four years driving to and from school!! It was my junior year, his senior, he had accidentally texted me, and then from there we just became instant friends. We were both in bad relationships at the time, but remained friends. Once those ended, a few months later I met him at Liberty and we went on a first "official" date to Cookout (because college life is rough). Two years later, after snow storms, softball games and a lot of driving, we had driven through Lynchburg (Liberty University) and he proposed at the spot where he first showed me the view of campus. And now here we are!!" Aiyana