Our Story is a True Love Story!

"When I tell someone about our story, they are amazed and say we should write a book! I've always thought my honey and wondered where he was and what he was doing. I tried to call him various times but he was never home. We were neighbors from fourth grade until I started high school. We loved spending time with each other, always played house and frisbee. Frankie tried to put his hand though my fence one day and my beloved German Shepherd almost took it off!! We were kids but we always had a connection, separated by one house in the middle of us. I always say that was a heart always connecting us together. I would roller skate down the block with my Catholic uniform on, trying to catch a glimpse of Frankie on his porch. He always smiled. I'm glad that I never fell on my butt. I then moved away to North Edison and lost contact with him for a long while. I once worked up the nerve to go to his house and his brother Joe answered but Frankie wasn't home. Now Joe and I joke, saying I should have sat on the porch and wait for Frankie. I would never let him go. So, as the years passed on, my thoughts were always with him. Wondering if he was okay and wanting to know what he was up to. Well, fate kicked in when I logged into Facebook and found our neighbor Michelle. I was so happy to find her and immediately searched her friends list. There he was!! heart skipped a beat. I friend requested him but he was away in New Jersey. I waited and then on New Year's Eve, I received an email. I smile from ear to ear! Frankie was just as happy as I was. I gave him my number and we spent all night texting! He even called me at midnight but I was a dork and didn't answer. We were taken back in time acting like high school kids. I knew my life was changed forever. We talked over the phone everyday for the next year. My love finally came to see me in September before my birthday. I was a nervous wreck. My mom ran outside like a nut when he pulled up. My grandma was staring out the window and I was running around the house trying not to have an anxiety attack! Then he walked in. We hugged like we never lost touch with each other. It felt like we never stopped talking for the last 30 years. Our connection was amazing. My beloved grandma took out her old pictures, bless her heart. Frankie sat there and smiled. We left to the beach for a week and we had the most amazing time. Our love was still there...we were just older, a little more gray but our love remained the same. Nothing has changed after all these years. I was sad when he left but we continued our relationship until I made the choice to move here to NC. Everyone knows how we feel. I gained an amazing man, soulmate, best friend and two bonus kids whom I love dearly. I also gained the Winkler family who are thrilled to have me in their brother's life. Our love is a true love story. Full of love, laughs and happiness. One that I know will never end. I'm so grateful and blessed. I love you Frankie!" - Sandra Winkler