Brooke & Nolan, May you love happily ever after! Women's Club of Raleigh, NC

Their story...

"Brooke and Nolan met in August 2013 when they were in the same graduate program. Nolan was immediately attracted to Brooke and spent the next few months trying to get her attention. Finally, in November they went on their first date. They went on two more dates before the semester ended in early December. Brooke went back home to New Jersey for the next month, while Nolan stayed at his home in North Carolina. It was a tricky time for a month-long break. Brooke and Nolan continued talking over the break, and when school started back the following January, the relationship continued to grow. The two officially became a couple that February. Things flowed nicely for the next two years until December 2016. Brooke and Nolan were traveling to Brooke’s home for Christmas and decided to first visit NYC. Brooke was unaware, but Nolan was going to propose on this trip. He hired a photographer to meet them in Central Park to capture the special moment. Managing to get to Gapstow Bridge in Central Park on December 22 at 3:30pm was challenging, but somehow he managed to get them there on time (despite Brooke’s many attempts to unknowingly hinder the secret proposal). The proposal went perfectly, and they are happily looking forward to the rest of their lives together." Nolan