The waiting is over! It's time to celebrate!

"We had the same court date. We are both in law enforcement and work in different agencies. During our court date, we have to sit in jury seats and that's where the lawyers talk with you about different cases. He came and sate beside me (even though there were plenty of empty seats). We began joking around and people watching. I needed a police report printed out and he helped me use his agency's printer. He followed me out of court after I had finished. After he walked me out, he asked if he could have my number so we could meet up again to people watch some more. He was so nervous as he jotted my phone number down in his little notepad that he accidentally wrote down his name instead of mine! Due to both of us being hurt in the past, we were both hesitant to trust one another and we lost touch after a while. We reconnected over a year later and the rest is history.

He proposed to me on December 18th, 2016!!" Mindy