Surprise Engagements Are The Best!!!

Frank wanted to capture the moment he proposed to his girlfriend, Hilary. We spoke over the phone about the perfect location in Raleigh. They were driving down from Virginia as the city was a good half way point from Wilmington where Hilary's parents live. He made plans for them to also have a surprise dinner at Second Empire where her parents would be waiting. Frank sent me a few photos so I would know what they both looked like. I arrived downtown and sent a message letting him know where I would be hanging out.

It was then I decided to ask an unsuspecting family if I could photograph their children

so I wouldn't look obvious.

The plan worked!

Congratulations to Frank and Hilary who've known each other for 20 years. It was fate which brought them together after all this time.

A special thanks to the Perez family for being willing participants!