Maternity & Newborn

Information & Investment 

Thank you for considering DVOC Photography to photograph memories of your baby’s first days!

Years from now, you’ll have the joy of heirloom keepsakes that remind you of the first weeks’ bonding experiences. 



Booking Your Session

Newborn sessions are scheduled within the 5 to 14 days after birth. I prefer 7-12 days. However, I've photographed newborns up to eight weeks new.  When you book your session, I’ll put your due date in my calendar as a tentative date. Since due dates and birth dates can be quite different, though, I ask you to call or email me within 48 hours of your baby’s arrival so we can finalize your newborn session time. Sessions last from 2 to 4 hours. Adapting the pace to your baby’s comfort and emotional state is the best way for me to make this a low-stress experience for both of you, and tends to result in the best photographs, too.

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Preparing for your Session

A full baby is a happy & sleepy baby! That’s how we want them! Sleeping babies are so fun! Most babies let me mold and move them, curl them and pose them all while sleeping. This is a result of a full tummy. I suggest feeding baby and top off before we begin the session. I totally understand if you are on a schedule, however we may have to tweak it a bit during the session. Babies have an instinctive nature to sucking so having a pacifier on hand, if only for the session, is a terrific soother. More feeding, sleeping and such. Baby is the boss! We work around them. Keeping baby happy will ensure the best pictures!

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During the Session

I always create all sorts of poses in my mind that I'd like to accomplish, please remember this - baby dictates the flow of the shoot. Some babies are sleepier than others therefore, easier to move through the session with many poses. 

I may ask for parents’ help too.

Ideally, we'll strive for at least three poses.

During our session, I know watching the poses can be exciting and you may have the urge to capture images of baby during my workflow. In order to keep the quality of my work consistent, please refrain from cell phone photography. However, if you wish to take photos, please take them as "Behind the Scene" shots. Feel free to post those and tag me online! Those are awesome to look back on as the years go by.

After the Session

A day or so after your session, we will schedule your online proofing appointment. You'll receive a link to gain access to my computer just before proofing time. I'll guide you through and you will make your choices for the images included in your package...

Your chosen images are then professionally edited and delivered to you in a digital download gallery.  Newborn acne and blemishes, scratches, etc (jaundice is not uncommon at this age) will be lightly edited. I don’t edit out the flakes of skin that are common on newborn babies unless they take away from the image. I feel that this is part of the baby’s newness and adds to their individual look. 

Your gallery provides you with product purchasing menu, all of which are heirloom quality.

Payment plans can be set up to suit your budget. Once all payments are complete, I'll hand deliver your beautiful portraits from an unforgettable photography experience with your new baby!




While your pregnancy may seem like it goes on forever, those nine months really do fly by! Be sure to have this amazing and fleeting moment in your life captured. Your little ones will love to look back at Mom's beautiful belly and imagine how in the world they once fit in there. My maternity sessions can take place at an outdoor location or within your home. During these sessions, I always focus on capturing your family's beautiful connection and the amazing anticipation of your little one on the way! Dads, siblings, and pets are always encouraged to join in the fun. These sessions are scheduled when you are between 30 and 36 weeks along. Session includes 35 images.

Fresh 48

350 / 250*

You've waited nine long months to meet your new baby! Be sure to have these precious first moments captured in the place where you first met them. My fresh 48 hospital sessions take place within the first 48 hours of your baby's life at the hospital or birthing center where you deliver. Siblings are encouraged to take part in most of the session and I will capture those sweet moments when they meet their new family member. We will focus the session around documenting your family's love and excitement for their new little baby. I will also be sure to capture all of the amazing, fresh, newborn details that vanish too quickly. *Save $100 when booked with a Newborn session or Baby's First Year Membership* Session includes 25 digital images.

Lifestyle In-Home Session


There is nothing more special than welcoming a new life into your home! Our lifestyle in-home newborn sessions are relaxed and focus on capturing your family's connection with your newest little family member. I am there to capture the sweetest moments that make your family special. All members of the family (even furry ones) are invited to take part in the majority of our session which lasts about an hour and a half to two hours and has a natural flow to it. Session includes 40 images.

Studio Style Newborn Session


Our studio style newborn sessions are solely focused on baby and are held in the comfort of my home. These sessions are relaxed and calm to work around baby's schedule. We allow plenty of time for feedings and cuddles to ensure your baby is nice and sleepy so that we can get those adorable poses everyone loves. Session includes 35 images.



Maternity & Newborn -  780

Baby's First Year Membership - maternity, newborn, six month session, sitter session, first birthday and one year family session. This package includes your favorite images from each session 1565


Package Add-On:

Milk Bath w/Flowers:  - add something extra special to your chosen package. Not only will you have unique photos but milk baths also leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft 40

Heirloom Portraits  - includes four 11x14, four 8x10, four 5x7 professional prints AND an heirloom, leather bound memory box holding 100 4x6 professional prints and a custom engraved, crystal USB containing the images from all of your sessions 980

Baby Shower - receive an hour and a half of photography coverage 425

Birth - by special request only

Each session includes:

  • Consultation to review the details of your session

  • Online proofing appointment to choose your favorite images

  • Meticulously hand-edited portraits delivered in a digital download gallery

  • Print release

  • Baby's First Year Membership provides a three month payment plan after retainer is paid.

  • Clients typically spend north of 1200 on commissioned artwork.

  • Packages start at 550

  • A retainer in the amount of half the session fee is required to secure dates and is due upon booking